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Why players spend money in Mobile Games?

There are thousands of games on the market, some of which are free while others cost money to play. Free mobile games generally make money for the owners thanks to the advertising that is included in part of the game itself. While it is fair to say that many players might find the advertising annoying, […]

Heroes of Deneos official trailer

Although Heroes of Deneos is already available across all major platform for you to download, now it the time to please your eye with a little teaser trailer. Heroes of Deneos project been very challenging and we are working with great passion on a daily basis to improve the experience for every single player, fix […]

Mighty Dragon Studios accepts Ice Bucket Challenge!?

Nothing more satisfying than seeing the developers of the game you like to enjoy getting drenched by a bucket of ice cool water for a good cause, right? Well, here at the Mighty Dragon Studios following the social media craze about the whole Ice Bucket Challenge we thought we just have to jump on the […]