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The Maelstrom

Calling Dragon Lords heroes, old and new! After months of preparations and weeks of testing we have opened the gates of the new realm: The Maelstrom! Pick one of your old kingdoms from the existing realms (SunSpear, DreadSteed, HellFire, DarkTide or BurningBlade) and transfer it to The Maelstrom to wage war against heroes from other […]

Dragon Lords 2 is online!

Several months after its original reveal, following months of play-testing and countless development hours, Dragon Lords 2 has finally been released! The game is now available for download on mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Amazon for now, unfortunately we had a last moment issue with Windows Phone, but it should join the rest very soon), […]

Dragon Lords turned five!

This year’s fifth anniversary of the release of Dragon Lords is a particular milestone for us. It coincides with the completion of our largest project to date – Dragon Lords 2 is ready for release and will become officially available for download on August 25th. We are extremely excited about this release, and we hope […]

Dragon Lords 2 release date

After three months of extensive testing and adding new features we are comfortable enough with the progress, that we decided to officially set the release date. Dragon Lords 2 will go live on Thursday August 25th, just shy of 50 days from now! In the meantime, we want to remind you that the Beta phase […]

Dragon Lords 2 Beta Starts Today!

Just like we announced last week, we are finally launching the open beta tests of Dragon Lords 2. The beta test realm will be much closer to the final release version of the game than the alpha realm was, though at its launch not all features will be fully available. We will be adding new […]

Dragon Lords 2: Open Beta

After a few weeks of implementing new features, testing, catching bugs and balancing units and spells we are finally ready to announce the start of the Dragon Lords 2: Open Beta test. What exactly does that mean? On Sunday, May 29th, we are going to launch a brand new realm, which will operate in a […]

Dragon Lords 2: Units and Battle

Units and Battle are probably the part of the game which went through the biggest change. On the day we decided to start working on the sequel, our first topic of discussion was “how are we going to make battle more interesting and bring more diversity to units?” After going through a couple of ideas […]

Five Years of Dragon Lords

1,000,000 players 2,500,000 kingdoms 15,000,000 battles Five years of Dragon Lords. The most amazing things in the world are created because at some point in time one person sits down and asks a question “Can I do it?” Dragon Lords history is no different. It all started with an idea of a game unlike any […]

The Gates Are Open!

Finally, after a long wait, the testing of the Celestial Gate is complete, and the new feature is at last live on all realms. The stakes have been raised higher than ever, and while the challenge may be difficult to overcome, the rewards should be more than worth it! First of all, we wish to […]