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A tribute to Terry Pratchett

Last month the world has lost one of its brightest, sharpest minds. Even if the name of Sir Terry Pratchett doesn’t ring any bells, if you played our games, you are likely to be familiar with at least some of his quotes. “Give a man a fire and he’s warm for a day, but set […]

Nether Portal 2.0

When Dragon Lords gameplay were designed we wanted to center it around Alliance construction of the Portal / Stargate. This was destined to be grandest achievement, the final frontier. That’s why for a long, long time we focused our attention on adding additional content to the game, leaving the end game in the same shape. […]

Time to blow off some Steam!

First, let us start with a little bit of history: Three years ago, when our first game, Dragon Lords, was conquering the hearts of players all over the world we confirmed our assessment of the gaming market: there was a demand for games which required strategic thinking and planning, intellectually demanding games, with focus on […]

Player vs Player (PvP) Events

All our games revolve around PvP, it’s their primary reason for being, the core of the gameplay. We made sure to add PvE elements, challenges which can be completed without facing other players, however the main goal of all our games is to prove yourself against other people. That’s why we put such emphasis on […]

Becoming a Game Developer

It seems that our three-year milestone is a good moment to reflect on the whole being-a-game-developer adventure, and since the question about making games pops up frequently, I (Admin) thought I’d share a little bit of history of Mighty Dragon Studios. Our first game, Dragon Lords, started about five years ago, as one man’s hobby. […]

Dragon Lords Turns Three! Happy Birthday!

Another year has passed, and the time has come to celebrate the third anniversary of Dragon Lords ! This time we have prepared quite a three day long event, with something new each day, culminating on Sunday, when the actual Anniversary day comes. We are kicking off with the brand new website (if you are […]

Third Anniversary Celebration

The time has come and very, very soon our beloved Dragon Lords will turn three years old. To celebrate that special milestone we are working hard on a massive content update for your own enjoyment. Kick off the celebrations with us this weekend (15/08-17/08) with the game update, new website, social media expansion and a […]