The Maelstrom

Calling Dragon Lords heroes, old and new! After months of preparations and weeks of testing we have opened the gates of the new realm: The Maelstrom!

Pick one of your old kingdoms from the existing realms (SunSpear, DreadSteed, HellFire, DarkTide or BurningBlade) and transfer it to The Maelstrom to wage war against heroes from other realms! For the first time in Dragon Lords history you have the opportunity to test your strength against best players from other realms.

For more information, you will find the Maelstrom Q&A below.

Q: I stopped playing Dragon Lords years ago! Can I still transfer my old kingdom to The Maelstrom?
A: Yes, every kingdom created before November 1st is eligible for the transfer!

Q: Can I join the realm with my HellFire kingdom.
A: Kingdoms on HellFire have several advantages over those of regular realms, so to address those, and to allow a healthy level of competition, we have decided to allow HellFire kingdoms to join, however we decided to add a few limitations. Those limitations will affect ALL transfers, not just HellFire kingdoms.

Q: What will be carried over?
A: The following aspects of your kingdom will be transferred to the new realm:
– land – up to 15,000 acres,
– Research & Buildings,
– castle rank,
– champion’s level and skill points,
– resources, up to 1 million gold and 500 thousand of all other resources per acre of transferred land,
– relics of all types

Alliances, pacts, buffs, win/loss records, artifacts and consumables, military units, turns and anything else not mentioned will not.

Q: Why are some of the transfers limited?
A: There are several reasons for the limitations. The first one is to allow the inclusion of HellFire kingdoms, as that was widely requested when we first announced the idea of the new realm. Secondly, considering the disparity between the largest kingdoms in the regular realms, and the core population, we felt that we need to provide all players with a chance to enjoy the new realm: we want the currently largest kingdoms to have a chance to participate in wars, and everyone else to be in a position where they compete with the strongest. Thirdly, we want Maelstrom to be a truly new realm, with the title of the first Dragon Lord and Lightbringer up for grabs, along with the units those titles grant.

Q: Can new kingdoms be created on the Maelstrom?
A: Yes – you can join the realm with a completely fresh kingdom, though for obvious reasons you will be at a disadvantage.

If you have any more questions or doubts regarding the new realm, please send them in, and we’ll update this announcement as necessary.

Dragon Lords 2 is online!

DL2 DragonSeveral months after its original reveal, following months of play-testing and countless development hours, Dragon Lords 2 has finally been released!

The game is now available for download on mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Amazon for now, unfortunately we had a last moment issue with Windows Phone, but it should join the rest very soon), as well as Windows PC – download the application and join us on the battlefield today! Of course, the game’s release does not mean our work is done – over the upcoming weeks and months, we will be adding more and more content to it – we want the game to be continuously evolving, so that it stays an exciting experience for all players.

We look forward to your reactions, and hope you find playing the game at least as enjoyable as developing it was for us!

Dragon Lords 2 Trailer

Five years after the original release, the flames of war are kindled anew!