Heroes of Deneos official trailer

Although Heroes of Deneos is already available across all major platform for you to download, now it the time to please your eye with a little teaser trailer.

Heroes of Deneos project been very challenging and we are working with great passion on a daily basis to improve the experience for every single player, fix any existing bugs and repeat the success of our previous games like Dragon Lords or Xeno Wars.

It’s time to lead a group of adventurers across a Fantasy world, fighting monsters, gathering experience and collecting treasures. With four races and five classes to begin with you will compose unique team of adventurers and build your own strategy to win in battles.

Each of the classes has a specific range of abilities which make them useful. As they level up, you can lead their development to better fulfil their role in the team. Your warrior can improve his damage dealing abilities or defense, to become a better tank. Mage can use fire to deal high amounts of damage to one enemy, or focus his development on ice to freeze multiple foes at once. The possibilities are endless!

Let us know in the comment section below what are your thoughts about the Heroes of Deneos trailer which is only the begging of our adventure on the Mighty Dragon Studios YouTube channel.


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Heroes of Deneos now available on android devices!

Download now!

Heroes of Deneos now available on iOS devices!

Gather your heroes…!

Meet your destiny…!

Enter the realm…!

ps. Please bare in mind Heroes of Deneos requires internet connection to play the game!

Mighty Dragon Studios.



Player vs Player (PvP) Events

Golden Dragon Trophy

Heroes of Deneos Golden Dragon Trophy

All our games revolve around PvP, it’s their primary reason for being, the core of the gameplay. We made sure to add PvE elements, challenges which can be completed without facing other players, however the main goal of all our games is to prove yourself against other people. That’s why we put such emphasis on PvP in all forms and that is why we organize events to fuel the competitive spirit.

September is going to see three of such events: Second Season of the PvP Ladder in Heroes of Deneos, First Season of the Champion’s League in Dragon Lords / Xeno Wars and finally the XV Dragon Lords Tournament.

Heroes of Deneos has recently seen the finish of the first season of Ranked Player vs Player matches. Winners in 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 Team categories received various rewards, along with the new Golden Dragon Trophy Avatar, which will be passed from winner to winner with each passing season. We have also introduced a new feature in Heroes ranking, the Hall of Fame (in short HoF), which from now on will hold a permanent record of all Ladder winners.

Tournament Avatar Red

Dragon Lords Tournament Avatar Red

First Season of Champion’s League, which started on the 1st of September utilizes the new combat mechanic. Dragon Lords and Xeno Wars champions are using their newly acquired skills in the Arena, earning points and winning treasures. Each month top fighters in the League will be rewarded with special favors, from coins and avatars to brand new perks, which we are still working on!

This new gameplay is particularly groundbreaking for our games, because the League allows players to enter combat cross-realm, facing opponents from a different world than the one they currently play on. Making the League global within a game we increased the number of players on the same level allowing the match-making mechanic to pick opponents better.

Dragon Lords Tournament is the first PvP event we came up with. Lasting full week, from Sunday to Sunday, Tournament takes place on a special, fresh realm operating under altered rules. Skipping the initial phase of R&D, all kingdoms taking part in the Tournament start with a large number of turns and resources, allowing them to start warring within 24 hours from the start of the event.

Tournament Avatar Blue

Dragon Lords Tournament Avatar Blue

What makes the Tournament so interesting is set of additional rules: land lock at 1000 acres, allowing further growth only through war and lifted declaration limit, forcing alliances to wage wars on multiple fronts at the same time. Anyone who went through this gauntlet of war can vouch that it’s an exciting experience.

Tournaments have a long tradition in Dragon Lords and Xeno Wars. This will be 15th edition of the epic struggle, so to celebrate it, we are refreshing the Tournament Avatar, bringing you two variations of this token of achievement, in to color themes red&gold and blue&silver. We hope you like them!

This is what we have prepared for you this September. We are still working on adding new and exciting ways to improve the games, so keep an eye out for new updates!