Dragon Lords 2: Open Beta

DragonAfter a few weeks of implementing new features, testing, catching bugs and balancing units and spells we are finally ready to announce the start of the Dragon Lords 2: Open Beta test.

What exactly does that mean?

On Sunday, May 29th, we are going to launch a brand new realm, which will operate in a mode as close to the “real thing” as we can make it. We may make the start a bit easier by creating kingdoms with a large amount of initial turns, allowing you to go through the research and building phase much faster than on a regular realm. The rest of the mechanics would be left in “regular” mode, as we want to see which parts are unfolding like we thought they would and which are counter-intuitive or annoying. We will be on a constant lookout for the latter and will adjust the gameplay where necessary.

There is already a LOT of new mechanics already in place and ready to be put to serious testing and balancing. At this stage we have eliminated the most glaring problems with magic, battle and war. What we want to accomplish in the Beta phase is balancing of all elements. There is a lot of new things at play and lots of new rules. We will observe how players put the mechanics to use, which elements offer the biggest unexpected advantages, which elements are too powerful and which are too weak.

TrampleOpen Beta will start on Sunday at 8pm GMT, before that date we will post client download links on our forum. We will be publishing Windows and Android clients (and MacOS and Linux if they are requested). If you would like to use iOS to play the game you can still request a dedicated client. To receive an iOS client active on one specific device please visit our Dragon Lords 2 Facebook fanpage and send us a message.

The Open Beta will last for two months (June and July). All players actively participating in the test, bringing issues to our attention and discussing the mechanic on the forum will receive rewards ranging from special Dragon Avatar, as well as The Vanguard title and achievement. We also want the spirit of competition to drive the testers, just like on regular realm, so top positions in kingdom size and Alliance Legendary rankings will receive packs of Obsidian Coins and chests of consumable items, which you will be able to claim once the game is launched, finally, testers will receive an unique ingame item, though that will only happen once items and crafting have been added to the game, likely soon after the game’s official launch. In addition to this, we will grant additional rewards for players who really commit to making Dragon Lords 2 ready for release.

We are excited to enter this new phase of testing and are waiting for your feedback!



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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    Hey I would like to do the Dragon Lords 2 Beta
    I was a active player a DL1 and am in the process of returning there

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