Time to blow off some Steam!

First, let us start with a little bit of history:

Steam Era coverThree years ago, when our first game, Dragon Lords, was conquering the hearts of players all over the world we confirmed our assessment of the gaming market: there was a demand for games which required strategic thinking and planning, intellectually demanding games, with focus on complex gameplay more than anything else. With that in mind we started a new project, which, a year later turned into Xeno Wars. Our next stepping stone was much more ambitious.

In 2012 our tiny development studio received funding to create a gaming platform, which would allow players to communicate freely regardless of which device they had and which of our games they were playing. The project included creation of the platform and two new games.

It was a very ambitious plan, which at the time we believed was within our reach. We have created the platform and designed a brand new game, combining the best ideas gathered from role playing games of old, with our knowledge about mobile gaming. Two years later Heroes of Deneos were born.

The game, along with development of the platform and adapting our two earlier games, proved to be a great challenge. In the end, in order to meet deadlines set by our funding, we have released Heroes without the core gameplay elements, like Guilds or crafting. Those elements were added as we worked on the second title, which we were obliged to release. Now, after two years of work, we are finally ready to share with you the fruit of our labor…

Steampunk GirlSteam Era, the Steampunk RPG

Beside the obvious appeal of ladies in corsets, our fascination with Steampunk genre was rooted in works of such masters like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. The genre, while not completely neglected, didn’t find its way to the mainstreem too often. We thought about it and decided that our next game should be set in the world familiar to fans of Stardust, Hugo or even Sherlock Holmes (we are not going to mention Wild Wild West here). We wanted to bring something new to the gaming table.

In essence, Steam Era shares the core of the gameplay with Heroes of Deneos, but it’s set in a world that blends the reality of the industrial revolution with the fantasy of magic, monsters and myths, broadly known as the world of Steampunk.

If you are not familiar with Heroes of Deneos yet, it’s a roleplaying game heavily influenced by the classic games from 90’s: Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore, Dungeon Master and others. The player leads a group of adventurers, explores different parts of the world, takes on quests, ventures into dungeons, all this while developing characters in the party and collecting all sorts of weapons and gear.

CombatCombat system is turn based, which, combined with the wide range of stats, different character classes and skills, allows to create very individual strategies. Additionally each class has a unique set of talents, which enables different builds, leaning towards skills and abilities of your choice.

Single player gameplay includes roaming different parts of the world (called “zones”) and clearing dungeon-like “instances”, where your team of daredevils will encounter more powerful foes and gather more impressive loot. It wouldn’t be a proper RPG if your heroes did not take part in various quests, defending virtues of maidens and collecting boar snouts. Tireless adventurers will find literally hundreds of quests hidden in various parts of this magical world.

More interesting than exploring the world alone is the Player-vs-Player element, which is quite important in an online game. Steam Era features two types of PvP. First is the Arena battle between two teams controlled by opposing players. More complex and engaging is group PvP, which takes place when two Guilds clash. Outcome of such battle is influenced to large degree by individual duels, but good cooperation and strategic planning will be a great help.


Steam Era

Steam Era

If you are a fan of the genre, take a look at Steam Era. We sincerely hope you will like it as much as we do! You will find the game on Apple App Store and Google Play.


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